Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My muscles huuuurt!

Hi guys! Yesterday I restarted my Ballet classes(yeah, I dance Ballet :D) after my vacation. Of course, during this time, the only things I've done were EATING A LOT and staying at home all the day waching movies. And, naturally, after this Ballet class I almost couldn't walk! Even now, my leg's muscles start to "shake" when I'm walking hahahahahha... but it's absolutely normal, in a couple of days my body will get back to normal. BTW, who said that goths can't dance Ballet? When I dance Ballet I imagine myself beeing something like a "dark ballerina"!

        BTW, I'm thinking about taking some pictures beeing this "dark ballerina" :D
       Bye, have a good goth day <3

Monday, 30 January 2012

Playing with make up!

Hi! I decided to play with some make up and create a dark and cute look :) See the results:

    So, what do you guys think? I think I'm gonna do it more often, then I can create many different looks! <3
   Bye! <3 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today's outfit and make up

Hi guys! Today I made my make up inspired by AdoraBatbrat! It's not as perfect as hers, because I didn't practice much :s Someday I'll get there!

                                               My cat wanted to show up in my blog =3
                                         I'm wearing my cherry belt, the collar I made and a crown:
                                             Here is the king cat of the house:
                    That's all, I wish you all an awesome goth week! <3

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Made by me!

Hi! Look out some goth acessories I made for me!
                                 There's this necklace with chains and an old fashioned key:

                                         This is a collar with black lace and a pumpkin button:

                               Another collar with black lace, burgundy velvet and a black cute tie:

That's all, I hope you guys like it! I'll be posting more pictures of acessories made by me :) <3

Today's outfit and movie experience

Hi! First of all, these are my outfit and my make up! The make up was totaly inspired by Adora Batbrat, of who I'm a big fan!

                                  I was wearing a skull tie and a tight dot dress under a long sleeve black shirt :)
     Well, about the movie, I was watcing Melancholia, a Lars Von Trier movie at a local movie theater. It was fabulous! It's a very heavy and sad movie, I left the theater a little "depressed"... but I loved it!! I've never watched anything like it. Here's the movie poster:
                                           See ya!

Some outfits and makeup

                          Jack and my Ankh:

                         Some black lipstick in sepia: