Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My muscles huuuurt!

Hi guys! Yesterday I restarted my Ballet classes(yeah, I dance Ballet :D) after my vacation. Of course, during this time, the only things I've done were EATING A LOT and staying at home all the day waching movies. And, naturally, after this Ballet class I almost couldn't walk! Even now, my leg's muscles start to "shake" when I'm walking hahahahahha... but it's absolutely normal, in a couple of days my body will get back to normal. BTW, who said that goths can't dance Ballet? When I dance Ballet I imagine myself beeing something like a "dark ballerina"!

        BTW, I'm thinking about taking some pictures beeing this "dark ballerina" :D
       Bye, have a good goth day <3


  1. I've seen the way u were after ur ballet class, just like you said, u couldn't walk :o

  2. Of course Goths can do Ballet! I only just gave up dancing, but I did enjoy it - just not the frustrating lessons/teachers.

  3. You're right, Dalestair Kidd! And I just left my ballet school, because of my teacher. Now I'm in a new ballet school :)

  4. Uriri: You saw, right? I looked like a lame!