Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Hello, readers! One day I was looking for a hair brush at my grandma's stuff when I found something that caught my attention. It was a very old sort of hairclip(?), I don't know how to call it. I just know It is perfect! So I asked to borrow it and my grandma gave it to me as a gift! I'm gonna show some pictures of my new hairstyle. Oh, and BTW, my hair is blue now.

It is nice to mix acessories and still have a goth look! That's all. Kisses, see you! <3

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My newest hair!

Hello readers! A few months ago I changed my hair, but now I've changed it again. lol, I change my hair a lot! I dyed it green/blue, something like turquoise. My idea is to keep changing the color once every month, or two. By the way, I got a lot of inspiration from Ramona Flowers, a character from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World <3

Oh, and I love this color because it makes me look paler.
                           By the way, Happy Easter to you! <3 That's all, bye!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My new room

Hello, readers! As I said before, I'm posting some pictures of my new room. The pictures are not very good, sorry about that. Well, I LOVE posters, so I have some on my walls, most of them are from the bands I like. Oh, and there's the wall on which I fix the pictures of some people that really changed my life with their art! Here it is:

Those are Lord Byron, Trent Reznor, from NIN, and Lars Von Trier <3 Some people are missing...

This is a bedside table that I bought! The pullers have the shape of roses(I love black ones)

This is my Sweeney Todd poster, which I got from the theater.

Those are some of my decorative stuff, some whiskey bottles, my skull statue, my NIN vinil, and ok, whatever...

 So, this is my room, doesn't look fantastic, but this is the way I like :)

Sooo, I hope you guys haven't slept while reading this post, it is a little boring...
That's all, guys! Bye <3

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lord Byron

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna post something different from the usual, a poem,  and not just a poem, but one by Lord Byron! He's one of my idols, I love his poems and everything he's done in his life. He's an inspiration for me. It's gonna be "Lines inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull", one of my favourites. Oh, and by the way, I've just moved to a house at the suburbium, far away from town. When my new room get more organized and decorated I'll post some pictures of it! And now, the poem:

Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull
by Lord Byron

Start not—nor deem my spirit fled:
In me behold the only skull
From which, unlike a living head,
Whatever flows is never dull.

I lived, I loved, I quaffed like thee;
I died: let earth my bones resign:
Fill up—thou canst not injure me;
The worm hath fouler lips than thine.

Better to hold the sparkling grape
Than nurse the earthworm's slimy brood,
And circle in the goblet's shape
The drink of gods than reptile's food.

Where once my wit, perchance, hath shone,
In aid of others' let me shine;
And when, alas! our brains are gone,
What nobler substitute than wine?

Quaff while thou canst; another race,
When thou and thine like me are sped,
May rescue thee from earth's embrace,
And rhyme and revel with the dead.

Why not—since through life's little day
Our heads such sad effects produce?
Redeemed from worms and wasting clay,
This chance is theirs to be of use.

I think this is a beautiful poem, I love it. Which goth wouldn't like it? And by the way, which goth wouldn't like to marry Lord Byron? lol Well, I don't know about you, but I would <3

Friday, 2 March 2012

Playing with makeup (I'm back!)

Hi guys! Sorry, I haven't posted anything for a loooong time... Something bad happened, my laptop screen broke D: And it took a long time to be fixed. But now I'm posting again! So, today I'm gonna show you one more makeup and hair I've created. I think It looks like a Halloween costume, maybe someday I'll use it at a Halloween party :) By the way, I had a lot of fun making it! Here it is:

     As you can see, I used my dyed hair to make this crazy look. And of course, a white face, to give a dramatic look. So, that's it, I hope you guys like it! And I'l be posting more often! Bye <3

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello readers! This post is all about my cat, Damien <3 He was born in the streets, but me and my mother rescued him. He's a very kind cat, but only with his family. If someone stranger is in the apartment, he hides himself in the wardrobe and don't leave untill this person is out. Even my boyfriend, who is in my house every weekend, seems like a stranger to him! Oh, and Damien eats a loooooot, he's awlays crying for food, and as every cat does, he scratches the sofa, which is in deplorable situation D: But where are the plants in this post? Ok, let me tell you. My cat have a fixation with plants! There are some plants in my apartment which  he seems to like, he smells them and rubs his nose on it. But there are some which he seems unfriendly with, actually, he eats them! Specially when there are flowers. Sometimes Damien knocks them down too. And there's some sort of big vase of plants in which he likes laying, and of course, he breakes all the plants in there! Here are some pictures of it:

                                             And here are some pictures of Damien in general:

                                              As a baby:
So, that's it. Damien is a real friend, I love him! Kisses to all <3

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More drawings!

Hello, readers! As I promissed, I'm posting more of my drawings :) The first one, in my opinion, is one of my best creations <3

                         This one is a cute tiny person in the dark surrounded by shining little animals:

                  To make this one I used only a pencil and my finger to smooth the scribbles:
    Well, that's it! I hope you like it, and I'll be posting more drawings <3 Have a nice week!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today's outfit and make up

Hi guys! Today is a beautiful grey rainy day in my town! Hmmm, good day for hanging out at the chilling and beautiful cemetery <3 So, I'm gonna show you my outfit and make up.

                                                  This is a detail from my smock:
 I'm wearing my boots, which I love. I have them since I was thirteen years old! <3 That's all! I guess someone is going to have a picnic at the cemetery today... Kisses!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

New hair!

Hi guys! Finally, I died my hair! But only two tufts of hair, just to freshen my style, and combine with my light blond hair. The color I used is like purple/red.

                 Ok, terrible picture, and my hair looks a mess on this. I had just dyed my hair on this picture and I only wear this ugly T-shirt to dye my hair.
                              On this one, you can see a small part of the dyed hair, and this was the make up of the day. I'm sorry, I'm not looking very cool and pretty on this one. I don't look good at school.
             So, that's it! I hope you like my new hair, and again, sorry about de ugliness of the pictures! Kisses <3

Monday, 6 February 2012

Creating and customizing!

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna show you some other stuff I've made. I love working with feathers, that I find now and then lying in the streets of my neighborhood. There are many spieces of cute birds around here!

          This is an earring with 2 real bird's feathers, a synthetic black one and a metal piece with a stone that I found among my stuff:
                              This is a cute skull I've made with fabric with cotton inside (It can be used as a bottom):
              This is other earring I've made with a synthetic black feather, a sort of a metal ax and a little bell fixed to it:
 That's all, I hope you guys like it! <3

Friday, 3 February 2012

Dead doll

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna show you my "Dead doll" style. As you know, I love playing with make up and outfits! Maybe this could be a killer zombie doll, or something like this :)

      *The blood is not realistic, but the idea it self is what matters... So, I hope you guys like it
! I wish you an awesome weekend <3

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello! Today I'll show you some of my drawings! Drawing'a a hobby to me and it's my way to express my feelings, ideals, dreams, etc. And I don't know exactly why, but I'm a kinda obsessed about drawing bald people, especially women! Take a look <3

       This is the background of my blog! My idea was drawing a girl wearing an iron corset  and some sort of leather collar... and of course, the sweet crows <3

    This one is a random goth girl wearing a corset:

  This one was meant to be a "person" (one of those tinny cute people I draw) lost in his dark and deep mind, with its demons and fears inside:
I imagine this one as a creepy old theater with its losts chambers and rooms, and sad ghosts within. There's this girl (maybe a lost and confuse ghost?) with wings, that had her soul taken away:

 These are today's drawings! I'll be posting more drawings, I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think about them. Bye! <3

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My muscles huuuurt!

Hi guys! Yesterday I restarted my Ballet classes(yeah, I dance Ballet :D) after my vacation. Of course, during this time, the only things I've done were EATING A LOT and staying at home all the day waching movies. And, naturally, after this Ballet class I almost couldn't walk! Even now, my leg's muscles start to "shake" when I'm walking hahahahahha... but it's absolutely normal, in a couple of days my body will get back to normal. BTW, who said that goths can't dance Ballet? When I dance Ballet I imagine myself beeing something like a "dark ballerina"!

        BTW, I'm thinking about taking some pictures beeing this "dark ballerina" :D
       Bye, have a good goth day <3

Monday, 30 January 2012

Playing with make up!

Hi! I decided to play with some make up and create a dark and cute look :) See the results:

    So, what do you guys think? I think I'm gonna do it more often, then I can create many different looks! <3
   Bye! <3 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today's outfit and make up

Hi guys! Today I made my make up inspired by AdoraBatbrat! It's not as perfect as hers, because I didn't practice much :s Someday I'll get there!

                                               My cat wanted to show up in my blog =3
                                         I'm wearing my cherry belt, the collar I made and a crown:
                                             Here is the king cat of the house:
                    That's all, I wish you all an awesome goth week! <3

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Made by me!

Hi! Look out some goth acessories I made for me!
                                 There's this necklace with chains and an old fashioned key:

                                         This is a collar with black lace and a pumpkin button:

                               Another collar with black lace, burgundy velvet and a black cute tie:

That's all, I hope you guys like it! I'll be posting more pictures of acessories made by me :) <3

Today's outfit and movie experience

Hi! First of all, these are my outfit and my make up! The make up was totaly inspired by Adora Batbrat, of who I'm a big fan!

                                  I was wearing a skull tie and a tight dot dress under a long sleeve black shirt :)
     Well, about the movie, I was watcing Melancholia, a Lars Von Trier movie at a local movie theater. It was fabulous! It's a very heavy and sad movie, I left the theater a little "depressed"... but I loved it!! I've never watched anything like it. Here's the movie poster:
                                           See ya!