Thursday, 9 February 2012

New hair!

Hi guys! Finally, I died my hair! But only two tufts of hair, just to freshen my style, and combine with my light blond hair. The color I used is like purple/red.

                 Ok, terrible picture, and my hair looks a mess on this. I had just dyed my hair on this picture and I only wear this ugly T-shirt to dye my hair.
                              On this one, you can see a small part of the dyed hair, and this was the make up of the day. I'm sorry, I'm not looking very cool and pretty on this one. I don't look good at school.
             So, that's it! I hope you like my new hair, and again, sorry about de ugliness of the pictures! Kisses <3


  1. Hey, thanx for the comment!(=
    And i think your hair looks so cool^^

  2. Awesomesauce, gloomette. Cute as pie. :D Or cupcakes. Or bats! Whichever you find cuter.

  3. Thank you guys, ur very sweet!
    Kitty: gloomette... like it!! Cupcakes and bats, I love both! <3