Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello readers! This post is all about my cat, Damien <3 He was born in the streets, but me and my mother rescued him. He's a very kind cat, but only with his family. If someone stranger is in the apartment, he hides himself in the wardrobe and don't leave untill this person is out. Even my boyfriend, who is in my house every weekend, seems like a stranger to him! Oh, and Damien eats a loooooot, he's awlays crying for food, and as every cat does, he scratches the sofa, which is in deplorable situation D: But where are the plants in this post? Ok, let me tell you. My cat have a fixation with plants! There are some plants in my apartment which  he seems to like, he smells them and rubs his nose on it. But there are some which he seems unfriendly with, actually, he eats them! Specially when there are flowers. Sometimes Damien knocks them down too. And there's some sort of big vase of plants in which he likes laying, and of course, he breakes all the plants in there! Here are some pictures of it:

                                             And here are some pictures of Damien in general:

                                              As a baby:
So, that's it. Damien is a real friend, I love him! Kisses to all <3


  1. Ooooooooowwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  2. Cuuuuuteeee I wish my kitty was still around.... :(