Monday, 6 February 2012

Creating and customizing!

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna show you some other stuff I've made. I love working with feathers, that I find now and then lying in the streets of my neighborhood. There are many spieces of cute birds around here!

          This is an earring with 2 real bird's feathers, a synthetic black one and a metal piece with a stone that I found among my stuff:
                              This is a cute skull I've made with fabric with cotton inside (It can be used as a bottom):
              This is other earring I've made with a synthetic black feather, a sort of a metal ax and a little bell fixed to it:
 That's all, I hope you guys like it! <3


  1. Oh, I love them! Love the kitty cat necklace too! Please tell me you have an etsy or something!

    (also, make cat earrings. i will buy them. i will buy LOTS of them)

  2. Kitty Lovett: Thank you! *-* I'm thinking about it, I have already a project! When I start to sell my stuff, I'll tell you!! <3