Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today's outfit and make up

Hi guys! Today is a beautiful grey rainy day in my town! Hmmm, good day for hanging out at the chilling and beautiful cemetery <3 So, I'm gonna show you my outfit and make up.

                                                  This is a detail from my smock:
 I'm wearing my boots, which I love. I have them since I was thirteen years old! <3 That's all! I guess someone is going to have a picnic at the cemetery today... Kisses!


  1. I love that last photo: how the boots play against the glossy sheen of the dark tile, and the close up on the smock.

  2. You rock that style, t suits you so well! And the boots look fantastic with the outfit. It adds a touch of badass to your style. Ilike it! :D

  3. Really nice outfit!
    And I like the black necklace, so cute (=

  4. Thank you, guys! And I liked the badass thing <3