Saturday, 28 January 2012

Today's outfit and movie experience

Hi! First of all, these are my outfit and my make up! The make up was totaly inspired by Adora Batbrat, of who I'm a big fan!

                                  I was wearing a skull tie and a tight dot dress under a long sleeve black shirt :)
     Well, about the movie, I was watcing Melancholia, a Lars Von Trier movie at a local movie theater. It was fabulous! It's a very heavy and sad movie, I left the theater a little "depressed"... but I loved it!! I've never watched anything like it. Here's the movie poster:
                                           See ya!


  1. *Loves the outfit* anyway, I like your blog soooo I'm gonna just click this follow-y button up here lol.

    1. wow, thanks a lot! I'll be posting as much as I can :)